Sea Change

      def: a radical collective shift in perspective



    • We are being called to work together to navigate our way through this time in history with

      Communication | Compassion | Courageous Conversations | Creativity | Co-operation

      We are experiencing paradigm shifts in reality

      Every aspect of life has changed

      there is no map; it is a time of great uncertainty

      We are in the same storm

      We are in different boats

      some have little boats

      some have big boats

      others have none

      some have cabin fever

      some have battened down the hatches

      some are getting shipshape

      some are jumping ship

      some are exploring horizons, passageways and routes

      some have the wind in their sails

      some are riding the storm

      some are calling SOS

      some are losing the will to live 

      many people are in states of fear and anxiety;
      activating the amygdala, the brain's emergency response; 

      instantly hijacking the brain's executive function in the pre-frontal cortex

      the executive function is the control centre used for

      planning, prioritising, problem-solving, focus and attention,

      memory, self awareness and emotional regulation

      this emergency mode triggers the fight, flight, fear and freeze responses in the sympathetic nervous system;

      bringing adrenaline surges and suspending rest, appetite and digestion

      the survival instinct kicks in

      over time, over-stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system leads to exhaustion, anxiety and burnout


      the parasympathetic nervous system enables 'rest and digest'

      allowing blood flow to the pre-frontal cortex enabling executive function to resume

      and the immune system to repair

      as humans we have basic needs for connection, honesty, meaning, autonomy, peace and play (nvc inventory)


      many are experiencing a deficit in these needs being met


      imagery activates the parasympathetic nervous system 

      so to, connecting, talking and co-regulating with a trusted someone


      metaphor is a long-standing, widely evidenced therapeutic and communication tool

      used to build bridges of understanding, surface insights, needs, possibilities and solutions

      the sea metaphor is alive in the cells of our bodies from the days of our ancestors


      since the beginning of time, humans have used pictures to communicate and co-operate for the wellbeing of the tribe


      when we make with our hands, a higher level of involvement is ensured

      sea change kit is a visual metaphor kit with 70 hand-illustrated pictures 

      that can be printed, cut out and coloured in

      and used to explore any topic or need

      in a 'content-free' way that creates safety to express truth

      the kit was made for leadership teams

      and in 2020 guided me to a safe harbour after a devastating year of loss

      the kit saved my life;

      - ironically, whilst working on the kit for use by everyday people  

      evidence is growing that there is a mental health crisis happening as a result of the lockdowns.

      be it directly or through the cascade of consequences

      there is a state of collective trauma which many people are experiencing

      beyond separation and isolation we are in danger of communicating less as trauma affects the capacity for relating


      my wish is to get this kit into the homes of families and loved ones, into small businesses and communities

       who can benefit from this powerful tool for communicating, listening and working together

      to navigate this Sea Change the best we can


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      Get ship shape

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      Explore what and where your

      safe harbour is 

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      How to stay calm when it gets choppy

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      Signal your SOS

      & surface your needs


      message in a bottle


      Sea-faring wisdom

      January 29, 2021
      January 29, 2021
      January 29, 2021
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