• conscious leadership

      On 8 August 2019, I am embarking on a nine-month research project; here are the themes I will be exploring:

      Stories for Change; workbooks and kits to support people in making positive changes in their lives

    • Sea-Change

      "The world around us is in a sea change, and I think the glory of art is that it cannot only survive change, it can lead it." A book about change and sea-faring metaphors, sayings and folklore that lives inside each of us. A shared language that can assist us in processing the enormous changes we are facing and going through - and together charting new routes to a brighter future.
      To explore how you'd like to participate or be involved, feel free to message me directly.
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    • spirutual ceo

      More and more leaders are becoming more conscious in their leadership approach.


      What does leadership look like beyond that?


      I've been exploring this in earnest since 2014; and have had some remarkable experiences that have dramatically changed my life, my livelihood and approach to leadership.


      This is a living inquiry that will see me delve deeper into this as a practice, accompanied by others who are keen to join me. I'll also be interviewing leading spiritual CEO's and harvesting their wisdom and insight to scribe and illustrate to form a helpful tool and companion for leaders on this journey.


      You can participate in three ways through the patreon platform - and feel free to contact me with any questions or to explore your journey.