• multi-dimensional guide to thriving......

      Deep breath.


      This has to be my soul calling; as the human-me is way too prude and shy to be so bold as to make this book :-) The irish catholic ancestry and stiff upper lip is still resonant my family and I'm working to break through it!


      Along with countless other women across this earth, I am a #metoo. It took me until 42 for mine to come to the surface; classic in biographical work; good to know I am right on track. And when it did a) my whole life made sense and b) my life as it was fell apart, almost entirely. In many ways it fell together too; and I'm not going to spiritually bypass it; it was the cave I was most terrified to ever look in. And it was my dark night of the soul.


      With support services over-stretched, waiting lists of over a year and my rural area left out in the cold; I've come to see there's a need for more resources that we can be empowered to use ourselves.


      And I'm interested in a shift of language. I want to be a thriver, not simply survive - which is the most common lanaguage used in this field. And it's important for it to be named; as at times, and for many - surviving is a goal and worth aiming for and celebrating.


      And I don't want to be called a victim all the time either; it's not good for me. I am sovereign; creator of my own life and experience; a soul who made choices for this lifetime to break through the victim story; and I am a multidimensional being who is actually way more powerful at creating than I have given her credit for. Until now.


      I'm also exploring the wider range of what is possible to do to shift this.


      I'm curious to better understand the consequences; I've had a lifetime of health issues across emotional, physical and mental; addictions, difficulty in relationships. And I've worked really hard for X years to get to the bottom of it all, to find the root cause.


      * quantum physics

      * biology and biochemistry

      * emotional

      * the brain; neurology and neuroscience

      * the nervous systems

      * the organs

      * the sacred yoni and womb

      * ptsd, trauma and

      * attachment and relationships


      Looking at how surviving and thriving can be

      * art

      * nature

      * plant, tree and flower medicines

      * alternative health

      * trauma therapies

      * healing modalities

      * body work

      * sexual therapy and tantra

      * nutrition

      * spirituality

      * groundbreaking interventions

      * ancient ways

      * family, friends, relationships and community

      * livelihood



      • Healing attachment trauma 
      • Complex PTSD
      • Womb & Yoni Healing  
      • Overcoming brain injury from early years trauma 
      • Chakras, energy, 
      • Ancestral line 
      • Past Lives
      • Healing agrophobia 
      • Nature's Wisdom and Medicine 
      • Healing relationship to men and the masculine
      • Collective healing as women 
      • Collective healing of the feminine 
      • The Brain - Yoni Connection 
      • The Collective Psychic Wound on Women from Wars 

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