leela grace

      experiences and environments that facilitate change

    • Assisting you by..

      Working directly with individuals and small groups to host kind, nourishing and supportive experiences, events and encounters.


      Making things that are useful, beautiful and therapeutic in support of change.


      And working with you in support of your engagement for audiences, customers, colleagues, learners and community members / residents.

      Time for change

      27 years of professional engagement in organisations, enterprises, places, partnerships and communities across sectors has shown me how much positive change can happen through engagement.


      And crystal clear that through our participation and co-operation, that the new systems, enterprises and kinder cultures that are essential to a planet and people in crisis.

      New horizons beckon...

      Assisting you in your active inquiry as an individual or group; engaging fully to explore and create change:

      • What is the future asking of each of us, and all of us?
      • What endings, beginnings and transitions are needed now?
      • What is helpful from the past, to bring forth into presence in this moment and in these times? 
      • What pathways are opening up now? Where is the energy flowing?
      • What courageous conversations are needed between us now? 
      • What usual thinking needs to be suspended now? 
      • What is my role in these times? 
      • What are my strengths and how best can they be useful during these times? 
      • What wisdom is in the system around us? In our constellations, places, in nature? 
      • How do we re-resource ourselves for more change; and replenish, gather, galvanise our energy? 
      • What tools and resources do we need to engage more effectively? 
      • What are the dynamics in our engagement? What culture are we creating through our engagement? Is this healthy, kind and true? 

      Active inquiries as a process of change

      A profound and life-changing process of active inquiry, research and learning (an un-learning) over the last 22 years has given me direct experience of many themes that are current and alive today and which be useful for you:  

      • working to your strengths 
      • suspending old patterns of thinking and behaviour 
      • metaphor as a powerful language for change 
      • returning home to nature 
      • unlearning and de-institutionalisation 
      • self-directed learning; beyond the classroom 
      • implicity 
      • neurodiversity
      • endings and beginnings 
      • burnout and breakthrough 
      • trauma and ptsd - the wisdom of the body    
      • grief as an essential part of change 
      • ritual and ceremony
      • physical spaces and places to aid change 
      • tending to transition - changing realities within 
      • vaccine side effects and injury
      • abusive behaviour, dynamics and cultural norms 
      • the essential connection with our indigenous ways
      • the wisdom of the system; connecting with our knowings
    • Our work together can assist you with...

      Where are you heading to?

      Assisting you in your active inquiry into a direction, purpose or pathway - that in itself, creates and catalyses change, energy and clarity; engaging approaches to planning, design, mapping and decision making

      Learning Journeys

      We can co-create thoughtful, kind and creative experiences that develop strengths, skills and potential in a meaningful, memorable and beautiful way

      Stories for Change

      Listening, scribing, mapping and sharing stories of people - that create change in the simple act of being heard; and that inspire and catalyse others; and engaging in story-making to co-create change together

      Inspirational Spaces

      Creating engaging experiences for events, temporary and permanent spaces and places through design, installations, layout, flow, way finding, hosting, curation and interactive experiences.

      Platforms for Change

      Co-design and co-development of platforms that facilitate positive change; including user profiling, information mapping, user experience, creative engagement, curation and co-production of creative content and thoughtful writing.

      Making Change

      Engaging in the physical act of making change through visual arts and crafts; engaging the whole being in the process; aiding change and transition; facilitating connection, communication and co-operation.

      Art for Inspiration

      Assistance with commissioning and curating art and craft practitioners to catalyse, create and communicate change.

      Visual Tools for Change

      Assisting you in using visual language and tools to assist you with your engagement; resulting in deeper, clearer and more wholehearted engagement for all involved

      The art of invitation

      Thoughtful, beautiful, meaningful and memorable invitations - created with intention and wholeheartedness, ensuring the invitation is truly felt and received

      Conversation is gold

      Catalysing, crystallising courageous conversations to facilitate, inspire and support change; with your colleagues, customers, stakeholders or communities; assistance in preparing for courageous, co-operative and game-changing conversations

      Energy for Change

      Assistance for you in co-creating, strengthening and sustaining energy for change; to resource you as you create new beginnings, manage endings, process and integrate endings; and contribute to those around you in the best way possible


      Assisting you in facilitating and deepening engagement in the natural world in creative, meaningful and conscious ways; as we seek to repair, restore, replenish and regenerate our living planet - including us.

    • Engaging experiences and environments ... valuable insights for these times

      national & regional awards

      for an initially-experimental engagement journey with a small team in the 2009 recession; from restructure and redundancies to turnaround, growth and transformation of results across the board for an SME; introducing energy and engagement as a key indicator of performance; and initiatives and strategic changes that rocketed net promoter scores, profit, innovation, talent attraction and retention and brand value; and a full trophy cabinet of awards


      Q. It's obvious that intending and supporting wellbeing is a good thing. What do each of us need now, to create a turnaround in the current situation in our lives, livelihoods, enterprises, families, communities - how do we work together, gather our energies to move through this time of huge change?

      £7m cost saving

      a series of curious conversations across departments in a technology organisation that illuminated abundant opportunity to save money at a time of crisis in the organisation and the industry


      Q. What simple questions do you need to ask, to curiously explore our current realities and ways of doing things?


      If there was ever a time to have a go, it is definitely now.

      game-changing rich picture process

      using rich picture as a process of engagement across the constellation and system involved in product, service and operational delivery of the highest revenue, business critical service in the organisation; this was a game-changer; identifying the root causes; informing true strategic change and a programme of quick wins for immediate improvement


      Q. How do we see the big picture of what is happening in the world, and in our organisations, sectors, economies and communities? This guides our decisions and choices; therefore seems essential?


      What would a rich picture of your world look like if mapped out on paper?

      making websites

      a growing interest and success in making websites offline, analogue, by hand - thinking; engaging the wisdom of the system, witprior to production online; activating the whole being and body in the process; inviting more wisdom and fullness of h colleagues and customers; and tapping into untold creativity through the active process of making by hand; and it radically speeds up the process!


      Q. What other changes and systems do we need to make for these times?

      learning outside of the classroom

      designed and co-ordinated engaging learning projects in partnership with schools and community groups for 4 cohorts of leaders of a leading FTSE energy provider; as part of their year-long leadership development programme; creating value for communities, young people and business KPI's


      Q. How do we support young leaders in these times?

      Q. What learning experiences - and unlearning experiences do we need in these times?

      or ourselves - and for our children, and generations to come?

      engaging leaders

      taught the Board and Leadership teams of a FTSE100 global organisation to use metaphor for sharing and listening and change-making to assist them with widespread disengagement after a 7-year transformation programme ran into difficulty after over-emphasis on the operational and strategic.


      Q. Widespread division in our societies for changes by governments and leaders that are causing serious concern, difficulty and crisis for many; what conversations do we need to have to hear and respect all voices?

      energy for change

      a game-changing strategic approach to employee engagement to build capacity and energy for change after an intense 3 year business transformation programme led to a merger with a competitor; sparking the need for another 3-year programme to consolidate and integrate the two organisations.


      Q. How do we re-resource and build capacity for further change after such an intense two years of change in the collective?

      craft for conversation of conservation

      Hosted a series of 10 events with the RSPB and Talk Action; engaging children and families in conversations about conservation of our planet and local wildlife, through craft activities in public parks, nature reserves, country fayres, museums and on private estates.


      Q. Much has changed since these events in 2010; what conversations do we need to have now, about our planet?

    • Emma Jackman - Founder of Conscious Chocolate

      "I had some business coaching with Leela some 18 months ago - it illuminated and released the potential of the thoughts, dreams and dynamics of my business. We created a visual structure which allowed me to see my business more deeply, and from new perspectives - and I immediately saw clearly where it needed to go.


      Leela facilitated clarity for the future and in our session, mapped out a visual roadmap with the goals and intentions from what she had heard from me; this vision has been coming to fruition ever since and has become my reality.


      Her way of working is very magical and unique. I can honestly say that that this is the absolute best money I have ever spent in terms of life and business coaching and encourage anyone at a crossroads, looking for direction, needing to make conscious decisions and being clear about next steps to embark on, you won't be disappointed, you will be blown away."

      Dawn Gosling - Director

      "Leela is like no-one else I have ever met; she's quite simply brilliant. She is a unique blend of creativity, intuition and smarts.


      Her crystal clear process took me on an amazing journey starting from a spark of an idea - and ending in a fully formed business plan. Like a spiral, Leela's questions led me deep into the core of the idea. One of the keys of the process is the visual map that Leela creates for each session. These maps helped me to link things together in new ways, and see new possibilities - ultimately coming up with a better concept."

      Martin Deakin - Leadership Storyteller & Communications

      "Leela is utterly unique; I know no-one else like her. Each time we meet or work together, the experience leaves me inspired. She is so giving of her knowledge, her energy and unparalleled authenticity - that I find myself, as a storyteller, short for words. Leela is a firebrand, a soul-counsellor and superlatives aside, a great person to work with."

      Bill Dudman - HR Recruitment Specialist

      "I recommend Leela to any business or organisation.. her approach is creative, left-field and technically excellent. She is a refreshing change from the 'formula' approach in her field."

      Andy Robinson - Senior Communications Professional

      "I worked with Leela on a very complex e-commerce solution for a new business start-up; I joined her as one of the team assigned to create a new online brand and a complete editorial website with full e-commerce capability - that enabled micro-enteprises specialising in artisan wines in Australia, to have access to a european customer base. Leela consulted on and designed the business processes and configured its online fulfilment. A pleasure to work with throughout and brought clear and unique expertise to a project that launched on-time and to budget."

      Lucy - Leadership Team - Global Membership Network

      "As a constant in the changing organisation, I felt overburdened with responsibility and workload and worried about the outlook of my organisation and my own wellbeing. Over 6 sessions Leela helped me strengthen my own resilience and that of my team. I have learnt to reflect on and have been empowered to address work challenges across people, place and policies. My awareness and application of my own strengths has increased substantially; 6 months on and I have now instigated a team resilience programme, tackled performance-related issues across my team, supported others struggling with change management, and most importantly have a confidence in myself to continue navigating us through the growth of my organisation.


      "Leela provided me with the tools and the space to become a resilient leader and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to strengthen their people management and adaptive capacities, or simply wanting to think through everyday challenges such as work-life balance."

      Annemieke Jonas - Professional Pilates & Wellbeing

      "Your coaching has the style that suits me: inviting, experimental, visual and compact. Thank you for your listening, creativity and knowledge all in a realm of authenticity and potency. What I got out of our sessions was the opportunity to create new out of chaos; to create future out of things that were ending; to give a new meaning to ambition.”

      Brent Curless - Entrepreneur

      “Leela is a joy to work with. A high spirit and drive are allied to a thoughtful planned approach and she is always looking for more; more aspects, more avenues and especially more marketing directions. Leela worked on a wellbeing project with me and I would have never got it up and running without her.”


    • finding our way

      There are many ways in which we can work together; according to your needs and pressures; our strengths, skills and availability; and our alchemy.


      I work online and in-situ where possible.


      Over recent years, people working with me have appreciated the opportunity to choose how much to pay in exchange for our work together; the scale is from £86 to £440 per hour - reflecting the range of people that work with me; from people in their private lives to people in CEO and Board roles in large organisations.


      Where there is a strong sense of being called to work together; 'flows of value' can be identified to complete the exchange.


      Shared value on revenue-generating work is important for generative, balanced partnership working.


      Sessions are paid in advance; yearly, monthly, fortnightly and ad-hoc.

    • connecting

      My email is in transition to Protonmail; this is different to my domain name; breaking the norm; however it assures better privacy.


      My current email is still in operation:


      Transitioning to: leelagrace@protonmail.com


      My social media activity is deliberately low for the benefit of my energy, creativity and mental focus and my preference fore connecting with people through voice and presence.

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