• Leela Grace

    Creating a more beautiful world - in service of love and truth

    Hello and welcome to my website. As you can see it's a holding page for now - there's work happening behind the scenes to bring a new site into being and it will be ready by August 2018.


    I work with Leaders, Women & people identifying as Neurodiverse - across 4 main themes, that tend to be overlapping:


    * Resilience & Wellbeing - for individuals, teams and groups


    * Creativity & Design for Change - engage me in bringing creativity and design thinking to problems, ideas, visions, goals, plans, spaces and places and your engagement campaigns


    * Beautiful Business - business in a beautiful way; we can be successful whilst also being creative, caring, imaginative and human


    * Diversity - honouring difference, working to strengths and co-creating more inclusive ways of living, working and learning


    If you are curious to find out more, please do be in touch - leela@leelagrace.co.uk


  • ‘Professional, Responsive, Receptive, Creative and Innovative.'

    Hege Sæbjørnsen - IKEA UK - Sustainability Manager

    ‘Everyone hugely appreciated your facilitation skills and the approach to the design of the agenda. I was so happy with how much we achieved all of the outcomes of the meeting both in terms of content and team building and buy-in/ownership of the content.'​

    Fleur Pollard - Acting Director, IPPF

    "..wonderful to work with, clever, creative and calming. I'd highly recommend her to you, she's a brilliant change agent.

    Nikki Gatenby - MD Propellernet

    "Your coaching has the style that suits me: suggestive, experimental, visual and compact. Thank you for your listening, creativity and knowledge all in a realm of authenticity and potency. What I got out of our sessions was the opportunity to create new out of chaos. To create future out of things that were ending. To give a new meaning to ambition.”

    Annemieke Jonas - Pilates Professional

    '...I was able to transform my attitude and therefore my ability to deal with a highly stressful situation.... I was also hoping that I could just focus on work and avoid dealing with the challenges in my personal life, but actually, I've come to realise that it's unavoidable.

    Louise (Anon) - Professional Diver & Comms Mgr​

    "I find these coaching sessions so constructive and through each one I get stronger and clearer about issues that have been worrying and stopping me”.

    Bella Barr - TV Production Manager & Equine Assisted Therapist ​

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