• forward-thinking leaders

    You may identify as:

    • A forward-thinking leader
    • A conscious leader 
    • A servant leader 
    • A guide to leaders in their development 

    And in need of:

    • Support for your leadership journey
    • More sensitive, inclusive, creative and therefore effective approaches to change and transition 
    • Attention to your wellbeing and resilience 
    • More impactful ways to lead people 
    • Work that is more in alignment with your values, strengths and purpose
    • A different dimension to leadership development programmes and experiences 

    Working one-to-one with me:

    • Your leadership approach becomes more creative and engaging
    • People who work with you appreciate your sensitivity, thoughtfulness and compassion
    • You gain insights and tools from across disciplines and sectors 
    • You experience the value of seeing and doing things differently 
    • You take time and space to slow down; reflect, regroup, recharge 
    • You experience new levels of energy and vitality 
    • You avoid burnout by taking essential steps to restore and repair
    • You feel more aligned to your purpose, values and mission
    • You lead by example with your energy, creativity and consciousness
    • You make plans for change and are supported in your transition in your work 

    Through our creative partnership:

    • You engage your people in a thoughtful, creative way that cultivates trust,  inspires contribution and builds community
    • You communicate in ways that uplift hearts, minds and souls 
    • You establish ways of working that are in keeping with your values
    • Your enrich and amplify your work through design, crafts and visual arts 
    • Your leadership development journey is more nourishing, creative and consciousness-raising 
    • Your vision becomes manifest

    And collectively, we contribute to:

    • Contribute to the shift in consciousness that the world needs urgently
    • Challenge organisational and business norms by doing things differently 
  • A window into my world

    A lot of my work is done under a non-disclosure agreement and thus very few photographs exist. Here's a handful of samples to give you a flavour of what can be possible in our work together.

    Leadership Development with a difference

    A series of 4 mini-workshops in early 2018 to explore alternative, more natural, creative and feminine ways of approaching business and enterprise; with a group of 5 forward-thinking women owners of enterprises in East Sussex; including moon-cycle planning, feng shui and nature connection.

    Conscious Leadership & a Pioneering Healing Oasis

    Scribed and illustrated the vision for a new pioneering Ayurvedic centre; gently harvesting the elements of the vision from the Founder during a one-day off-site, to create a visual artefact that could be used for site-finding, stakeholder engagement, business planning and for the early-stage website.

    Pioneering Leadership

    A strong influence from buddhism and Aikido in the way the enterprise was run; and inspired by Mac Macartneys's work; frequent 'children's fires' to consciously make decisions together and create the 'clearing' for amazing work. A very powerful experience of spirituality being at the heart of an enterprise; and ahead of the times in 2011-2012.

    Energy & Engagement to Transform Performance

    A courageous CEO chose to try out something different in 2009 when the 'crash' took it's toll on many businesses and when this type of initiative was high risk given the lack of proven business case statistics upfront. A risk that massively paid off, short medium and long term.


    A process of conscious experimentation with wellbeing, engagement, environment and visual leadership tools and practices - leading to astounding results with performance, engagement, retention, recruitment and satisfaction of customers and employees; and lots of external awards!

    Leadership Development... in the Community

    Researched numerous communities, neighbourhood areas and community organisations in the UK and Mumbai, India to identify potential partners for CSR and Leadership Development programmes with corporate organisations; Involved visits to children’s centres, schools, creative learning clubs and small charities providing for children and families.


    Co-designed and co-ordinated a series of 4 leadership events with schools in Berkshire and West London; involving a community fayre, inter-generational gatherings and exchanges and a show using drama, poetry and song to highlight the issues of sustainability and climate change.

  • kind words

    Bill Dudman - Forward-thinking OD Consultancy

    "I would recommend Leela to any business or organisation.. her approach is creative, left-field and technically excellent; all wrapped up in great stakeholder management. She is a refreshing change from the 'formula' approach in her field."

    Aly King-Smith - Leadership Development & Consultancy

    How to describe working with Leela Grace; Imagine the most creative, boundary-less brain, inside a whole-hearted human with a deep curiosity and care; add a large dose of systemic and organisational nouse and relaxed confidence with senior leaders.. Leela is brave in saying that she sees the world differently, and what an incredible perspective you will gain if you listen up."

    Dawn Gosling - Director

    "Leela is like no-one else I've ever met; she's quite simply brilliant. She is a unique blend of creativity, intuition and smarts.


    Her crystal-clear process took me on an amazing colourful journey starting from a spark of an idea and ending for a fully formed concept and business plan. Like a spiral, Leela's questions led me deep into the core of the idea. One of the keys of the process is the visual map that Leela creates of each session. These maps helped me to link things together more differently, see new possibilities and ultimately come up with a better concept."

    Martin Deakin - Corporate Storyteller & Advisor to Leadership & Board Teams

    "Leela is utterly unique; I know no-one else quite like her. Each time we meet or work together, the experience leaves me inspired. She is so giving of her knowledge, her energy and unparalleled authenticity that I find myself, as a storyteller - short for words. Leela is a firebrand, a soul-counsellor and superlatives aside, a great person to work with."

    Lucy - Global Programme Manager & Leadership Team

    "I came to Leela after my organisation saw a series of unexpected changes in resources, size and leadership. As a constant in the changing organisation, I felt overburdened with responsibility and workload and worries about the outlook of my organisation and my own wellbeing.


    Over six sessions, Leela has helped me to strengthen my own resilience and that of my team. Through talking to Leela I have to reflect on, and been empowered to address the challenges at work in relation to people, place and policies.


    Leela provided me with the tools and the space to become a resilient leader and I would recommend anyone wanting to strengthen their people management and adaptive capacities, or simply wanting to thinking through everyday challenge such as work-life balance."