• food for thought

    A series of resources; food for thought:

    There's hope in you and me

    J. Krishnamurti

    It has been easy to lose hope at times and be despairing about what is happening in our systems, institutions and communities.


    And this brings it back to you and me. Which is something I can do today.

    Wise Words

    with J Krishnamurti

    A reminder of the wisdom of the soul's whispers and body's messages.


    So many people are suffering with physical illnesses and mental health is at an all time low; it's really important to acknowledge that the system we live in is not well. Thus it naturally creates dis-ease.

    The Path of Truth

    J. Krishnamurti

    Layers of conditioning from family and society can have us living a life that isn't truly ours. The journey of truth is enlivening, not without change, courage, tests and failures. And all of those are easier to live with than being stuck in the status quo that I was in 14 years ago.

    Listening as Leadership Success

    with Otto Scharmer

    The Great Turning

    with Joanna Macy

    The shift from Industrial Growth Society to a Life Sustaining Society.......


    with Bill Plotkin

    "Culture can not be healthy unless you take your place in it......."

    A More Beautiful World

    with Charles Eisenstein

    "It hurts... what's happening"


    ... we live in a very brutal system... what has to happen to a human being to do the things that humans do to each other?


    ... there is a vast territory between what we're trying to leave behind - and where we want to go, and we don't have any maps for that territory.....


    ... we have to believe in a more beautiful world, in order to serve it."

    Depression.... a call to 'deep-rest'

    with Jeff Foster

    A fresh, truthful re-frame of depression. One which rings true for me; having suffered from depression since my teens; and finally having a mid-life breakdown/breakthrough - finally finding my own truth about how I want and need to live to be true to my soul.

    From Depression to Awakening

    with Jeff Foster

    The intelligence of exhaustion..... the call to stop, slow down and be here. After a series of phases burnout over my working life, the big one in 2015 stopped me in my tracks. And the journey that followed, whilst challenging - has been utterly life changing, transforming. Surrendering to depression, is a very wise choice..... let's encourage that, rather than 'fighting' it.

    The power of vulnerability

    with Brene Brown

    “When you shut down vulnerability, you shut down opportunity...entrepreneurship is all about vulnerability. Every single day."

    Connecting with your Higher Self

    with Alan Watts

    De-Schooling Ourselves

    with Charles Eisenstein

    Releasing conditioning from the old systems - to create the new; 'de-schooling' - or de-instituionalising that I have experienced it to be, and indeed, continue on this path.

    The New Earth

    with Pioneer Dolores Cannon

    The three waves of 'volunteers' here to shift the collective consciousness.. a fascinating perspective.

    Toxic Mainstream Culture

    Gabor Mate

    Childhood & healthy humans & society

    Gabor Mate

    More from Gabor Mate on the impact of childhood on shaping humans - and the criticality of the first 3-4 years.

    Stressed Parents & Children

    Gabor Mate

    How we treat children is essential to healthy adulthood and society; with addictions at an all-time high be that chemical, process or work addictions - it's time to go to the root cause and work in support of prevention.


    And the systems and societies we live in - are over-stretched with over-stimulated with all that modern, capitalist and consumerist models of living and causing a huge amount of pressure on parents and families.


    Surely we need to challenge the status quo and change this trajectory?

    Biology of Belief

    with Bruce Lipton

    Healing of consciousness as the path to health and healing of humanity; contrary to the 'medical system' that western culture has instituted.

    Work and Play

    with Alan Watts

    Why do you want to make the world better?

    with Alan Watts

    A challenge from the honourable Alan Watts.....how we think we're going good, and when we're potentially interfering.



    Pausing for Silence

    with Alan Watts


    by David Whyte

    Indigenous and Intergenerational Trauma & Colonisation

    We have the opportunity to change the trajectory of our future by healing and processing inter-generational and indigenous trauma; which most nations have suffered from on some level.


    By tending to this, we actually alter the genetics, therefore the behaviours and resilience of our future generations.

    Healing the Burning Times

    with Cali White

    Transformational work by Cali White; healing the psychic collective wound of the Burning Times 1400-1700's

    Finding our True Self

    with Gabor Mate

    Soul Retrieval & Shamanism as a Way of Life

    with Sandra Ingerman

    We are Nature

    with Satish Kumar

    "What we do to nature - we do to ourselves."

    We need to protect and revere Gaia"

    The Gentle Power of Sensitivity


    Storytelling for Change

    with Martin Shaw

    The Art of Belonging

    with David Whyte

    Sweet Darkness

    by David Whyte

    When your eyes are tired
    the world is tired also.

    When your vision has gone,
    no part of the world can find you.


    Time to go into the dark
    where the night has eyes
    to recognize its own.


    There you can be sure
    you are not beyond love.

    The dark will be your home


    The night will give you a horizon
    further than you can see.


    You must learn one thing.
    The world was made to be free in.


    Give up all the other worlds
    except the one to which you belong.


    Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet
    confinement of your aloneness
    to learn

    anything or anyone
    that does not bring you alive

    is too small for you.