• emotional health

    On 8 August 2019, I am embarking on a nine-month research project; here are the themes I will be exploring:


    Series of workbooks, kits and tools for people to use themselves to make positive changes to their lives - with key themes that I have become personally interested in over recent years.

  • falling apart... or falling together?

    Breakdowns get bad press.


    Yet there are snippets of positive messaging and encouragement out there in the world - giving breakdowns the credit they deserve. Some call them break-throughs, others allude to an awakening.


    Could this be something that could be celebrated; for it's sacredness? For the courage it takes to go through it; for the beauty of it, the gentleness, the insights, the opening to life in a new way?


    This is not to spiritually bypass it. Not at all. I'm all for welcoming them into the GuestHouse as Rumi suggested; and I with Jeff Foster's encouragement to feel it all fully. It can be messy, confusing, disorientating, lonely and sometimes dark and devastating.


    And it's beautiful. So so beautiful. My deep wish is to celebrate the sacredness of this act, this process of becoming.


    “For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction.” Cynthia Occelli


    “Depression is your body saying, 'I don't want to be this character anymore. I don't want to hold up this avatar that you've created in the world. It's too much for me,'” Jim Carrey


    read. “... Think of the word 'depressed' as 'deep rest.' - Jeff Foster


    "Depression, anxiety, and fatigue are an essential part of a process of metamorphosis that is unfolding on the planet today, and highly significant for the light they shed on the transition from an old world to a new." Charles Eisenstein


    This book is a series of poems written during my metamorphosis, my unravelling and my becoming, along with some simple imagery and scribing of wisdom from wise ones whose writings have inspired, encouraged and supported me through the process.


    If this resonates with you and you're inspired to receive nourishing nuggets of creative medicine along the way, and have a helpful hand at your back through your own becoming, your own 'falling together'... feel welcome to join me through Patreon.

  • Sea-Change

    "The world around us is in a sea change, and I think the glory of art is that it cannot only survive change, it can lead it."
    nto change and sea-faring metaphors, sayings and folklore that lives inside each of us. A shared language that can assist us in processing the enormous changes we are facing and going through - and together charting new routes to a brighter future.
    This is your invitation to hop aboard - and join this voyage of of transition through metaphors, stories and sea-faring wisdom.
    To explore how you'd like to participate or be involved, feel free to message me directly. And there are several options for participation through patreon platform.

  • 42 things i love

    Apparently, the more that we do, be and have the things we love; the more healthy, joyful, prosperous - even productive we are.


    As energetic, cellular beings we begin to radiate and vibrate at a higher frequency - and in doing so, create a more positive field around us; benefiting us, people around us and even the earth.


    Yet societal norms and messaging has many of us feel guilty or selfish to engage in such indulgence.


    It's upside down and back to front. And with 42 things I love, we're going to flip it.


    This is a meaningful, light hearted whilst deeply intentional invitation to be conscious of the things you love the most. And do, be and have more of them.And if you want to go further, share it with your loved ones and colleagues.


    Inspired by a young woman whose life was taken in a hit and run accident, whose list was shared by her father at her funeral; I'm inviting us to do this whilst we still have the gift of life.


    On Patreon I'll be sharing articles, doodles, reflections and invitations along my journey of doing, being and having more of what I love.... and you can sign up for a helping hand to get your list done and be accountable each month for bringing more joy into your world.