• creative consultancy & studio

      You may be

      • A practitioner 
      • A teacher 
      • A guide 
      • A geomancer or earth energy practitioner 
      • A researcher for nature, environment and place 
      • The custodian or owner of land or estate 
      • An author or storyteller for nature's wisdom 
    • through our work together...

      ...You could

      • Be supported in your growth and  development in a way that you decide is right for you 
      • Enrich and augment your work with design, crafts and visual arts 
      • Enable your research to be more accessible and digestible by people; and therefore has further reach and impact ​
      • Enjoy a more easeful and effective process of  creating artefacts and content of the widsom of nature
      • Gain perspectives from across disciplines, sectors and cultures to support and enrich your work 
      • Develop new ways of working that are holistic and nature-informed 
      • Gave more clarity with ideas, situations, problems and solutions when they are processed visually 
      • Experience peace of mind knowing your project is in  safe hands; and your time is freed up for other work  
      • Feel confident that your stakeholders and are well-engaged and informed 
      • Have ways of working that are in keeping with your values, style of working and your strengths
      • Have peace of mind that you project successfully fulfils it's vision and intentions; and save money and time with well-designed and managed projects 

      And collectively we:

      • Facilitate more connections between people, place and planet Makes rural and coastal communities and economies more sustainable
      • Enable more people to learn about and experience a more nature-based way of living 
      • Facilitate more  healing of the earth's waters, lands, rocks, animals and human beings 
      • Contribute to the rights and voice of Gaia to be honoured and protected 
      • Facilitate awareness, sustainability and accessibility of herbal medicine, local organic food, natural and plant medicines and clean water
      • Honour and heal the history and heritage of places 
      • Build places and spaces that honour the needs of human beings and nature
    • earthkeepers

      You may identify as:

      • A woman in leadership
      • A woman going through a significant life change or transition 
      • A guide to other women 
      • A provider of a service, product or place that serves the betterment of women 

      And in need of:

      • Support for your leadership journey
      • A sensitive, creative and effective approach to change and transition 
      • Attention to your wellbeing and resilience 
      • Support in the development and enrichment of your service offering to women 

      Working one-to-one with me:

      • You become more effective in your leadership at home, at work and in your community 
      • You make plans for change and are supported in your transition
      • You make more conscious choices and decisions 
      • You take time and space to slow down; reflect, regroup, recharge 
      • You experience new levels of energy and vitality 
      • You avoid burnout by taking essential steps to restore and repair
      • Your life feels more aligned to your truth, to your soul, your gifts and strengths 

      Through our creative partnership:

      • We co-design, build and develop offerings in service of a kinder world for women and for the feminine
      • Your enrich and amplify your work through design, crafts and visual arts 
      • We bring creative elements into your workshop or programme 
      • We create content, artefacts and tools in support of your work 
      • Your vision becomes manifest​

      And collectively we:

      • Become more resilient as women; individually and collectively - creating ripple affects across our relationships, families, homes, communities and workplaces across the world; and establishing a new norm for women today, and for women of the future 
      • Empower and enable more women being effective as leaders - in the feminine way 
      • Greater economic empowerment and enablement of women
    • forward-thinking leaders

      You may identify as:

      • A forward-thinking leader
      • A conscious leader 
      • A servant leader 
      • A guide to leaders in their development 

      And in need of:

      • Support for your leadership journey
      • More sensitive, inclusive, creative and therefore effective approaches to change and transition 
      • Attention to your wellbeing and resilience 
      • More impactful ways to lead people 
      • Work that is more in alignment with your values, strengths and purpose
      • A different dimension to leadership development programmes and experiences 

      Working one-to-one with me:

      • Your leadership approach becomes more creative and engaging
      • People who work with you appreciate your sensitivity, thoughtfulness and compassion
      • You gain insights and tools from across disciplines and sectors 
      • You experience the value of seeing and doing things differently 
      • You take time and space to slow down; reflect, regroup, recharge 
      • You experience new levels of energy and vitality 
      • You avoid burnout by taking essential steps to restore and repair
      • You feel more aligned to your purpose, values and mission
      • You lead by example with your energy, creativity and consciousness
      • You make plans for change and are supported in your transition in your work 

      Through our creative partnership:

      • You engage your people in a thoughtful, creative way that cultivates trust,  inspires contribution and builds community
      • You communicate in ways that uplift hearts, minds and souls 
      • You establish ways of working that are in keeping with your values
      • Your enrich and amplify your work through design, crafts and visual arts 
      • Your leadership development journey is more nourishing, creative and consciousness-raising 
      • Your vision becomes manifest

      And collectively, we contribute to:

      • Contribute to the shift in consciousness that the world needs urgently
      • Challenge organisational and business norms by doing things differently 
    • a window into my world

      A lot of my work is done under a non-disclosure agreement and thus very few photographs exist.

      Here's a handful of samples to give you a flavour of what can be possible in our work together.


      Here is a selection of images taken during my work with and in support of earthkeepers, localism, conscious placemaking and Gaia since 2006

      Working one-to-one with me:

      Designed and hand-made a kit to support a group of stakeholders on the Vauxhall Heritage project; whom had very different ideas, opinions and visions about the future of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens; the creative process cut through the politics and resulted in a clearly articulated joint vision statement for the project - a real triumph!

      Visual Model of Charity Proposition

      Worked with the leadership team of a leading environmental science and education charity to visualise their proposition across stakeholder groups; creating an artefact that was able to be used internally and with external stakeholders, audiences and funders.

      Hoo Peninsula Biodiversity Project

      Supported the lead facilitator with the event; creating an illustrated gallery for an interactive group exercise, way-finding and space set-up and assistance with the guests and event experience.

      Pioneering Ayurvedic Centre

      Scribed and illustrated the vision for a new pioneering Ayurvedic centre; gently harvesting the elements of the vision from the Founder during a one-day off-site, to create a visual artefact that could be used for site-finding, stakeholder engagement, business planning and for the early-stage website.

      Stakeholder Engagement - Urban Greening

      Designed and co-facilitated a stakeholder event for 40 people from the local community and local enterprises and community groups in the heart of an inner-London event; to harvest input to the design and funding process for a 'Greener Streets' initiative.

      Green Spaces for Schools

      As part of the Heritage Lottery Funding Round One application, I interviewed Teachers and Head Teachers from local schools to understand their current use, needs and aspirations for local green space; harvesting invaluable input to the proposal; and a dawning reality of the low priority of nature at most mainstream schools.

      Creative Engagement - Havering Country Show

      Design and co-ordinated a large 'tent' at the Havering Country Show; involving recycled materials and crafting for children and families, and conversations about recycling and being kind to our earth.


      The event was incredibly popular and had really good feedback from visitors and staff alike.

      Family Learning Events - RSPB

      A series of 9 family learning events for the RSPB at sites including National Trust, Natural England, Ragley Hall (Estate), RSPB, Oxford City Council, Countrytastic Show and Coventry Museum.


      Involved event curation, leading and co-ordination of the volunteer and staff teams, PR and marketing, H&S, community fund-raising and the best bit - craft and creative-nature learning activities for the children and family members.

      Green Leaders of the Future

      An afternoon session at the Green School; I led an engaging, participatory group session to harvest the wisdom gained by young students to support integration of learning and to share more widely with other children outside of Green School.

      Earth Healing & Space Clearing

      My largest site yet; a 24-acre estate in the Ashdown Forest that needed 'clearing' after being left empty for two years. Working on the visible and invisible realms, I cleared the house and surrounding land of imprints from years of history and human 'use', along with predecessors who needed a helping hand to 'cross over'. People's experience of the house changed dramatically - and workmen were happier to work there too!

    • kind words

      Steve Gray - CEO Environmental Citizen Science & Education Charity

      " We greatly enjoyed working with Leela to create a visual representation of what we do; Leela really helped us think carefully about the how we wanted to share the artefact and who it was for – and this ensured the end result is great and represents us very well."

      Jane Burston - Environmental Leader

      "Leela is an excellent change manager who is comfortable working both at the strategic level and delving into the detail. She has a great talent for bringing people on board and ensuring everyone really feels listened to.”

      Rachel Wheeler - Head of Family Learning, RSPB

      "Well done for putting on such a great event and maximising its potential for RSPB. It just shows what we can do when teams are working together. As this was only your second eventful us Leela, you did brilliantly."

      Jonathon Elliott - Talk Action Founder & Havering Show Event Manager

      'A fantastic, interactive and educational workshop. Leela and her crew made for a great day where all our participants walked away with their own creation and a smile on their face. A perfect addition to any green event or educational craft activity for schools or community centres. Thanks Leela - sterling job!'

      Shiva Prakash - Ayurvedic Practiitoner

      "I never had such an experience before. I think many peoples in India need such coaching to take out their hidden dreams and show to them. And also showing them the possibilities and way forward.”