• children of the new earth

      The children of today need us to support them in their journeys of development; to become resilient, conscious, connected human beings who can navigate the complexities of life on this earth at this time in history.

      Consultancy, Advisory & Creative Services

      I am available for consultancy, project and creative services on projects that are in alignment with the intention to develop resilient, conscious and connected children.

      Creative Project

      I am in the research and development phase of a project that will open up new pathways and possibilities for children of today - and of our future.

    • leela at work

      A lot of my work is done under a non-disclosure agreement and thus very few photographs exist. Here's a handful of samples to give you a flavour of what can be possible in our work together.


      Here is a selection of images taken during my work with and in support of children and young people since 2006.

      Resilient & Creative Leadership

      Working with the Head Teacher of an International School since 2017; covering creative engagement of primary age children and their families to build a new school campus-community and support enrolment and registration; also tending to thoughtful team-building and creative, resilient leadership.

      Leaders of the future; at Green School Bali

      An afternoon session at the Green School; an engaging, participatory group session to harvest the wisdom gained by young students to share more widely with other children outside of Green School.

      Thoughtful patient engagement

      A one-day event with teenage renal patients at an Alport Syndrome Patient & Community Day; involving creative harvesting of conversations about vital research into Alport Syndrome and creating content and building engagement for future patient engagement and fundraising.

      Leaders of fundraising for children

      Creative engagement with the 100-strong fundraising department at a leading international children's charity; an invitation to pause, regroup and reflect after astounding results that year - and a gentle, fun and creative exercise to reconnect with passion & purpose.


      The process received excellent, moving feedback - and the 30ft collage of A4 drawings from each team member was then installed in the London Head Office!

      Green Space Survey for Local Schools

      I interviewed Teachers and Head Teachers from local schools to understand their current use, needs and aspirations for local green space; harvesting invaluable input to the Heritage Lottery proposal; and a dawning reality of the low priority of nature at most mainstream schools.

      Young Leaders of Social Enterprises

      As a follow-on from a creative team off-site I co-designed and co-hosted with UnLtd, I worked with the Head of Engagement to develop a series of illustrated 'scenes' as visions of how their services would ideally be for young people.

      Arts for Children; Arts Council Programme Report

      A visual journey map of the 3-years; creating an invaluable artefact for stakeholder engagement, M&E and reporting for 'Small Wonders' - a 3-year research and action programme to facilitate more early y

      Community Mapping - Livelihoods for Children

      An initiative in India to explore possibilities for livelihoods for children of the slums who had to work for their families in poverty; I worked with another artist to co-create a map of the neighbourhood to facilitate this inquiry and identify other micro or social enterprise-style possibilities in the area.

      Family Learning Events - Nature & Conservation

      A series of 9 family learning events for the RSPB at sites including National Trust, Natural England, Ragley Hall (Estate), RSPB, Oxford City Council, Countrytastic Show and Coventry Museum.


      Involved event curation, leading and co-ordination of the volunteer and staff teams, PR and marketing, H&S, community fund-raising and the best bit - craft and creative-nature learning activities for the children and family members.

      Children in Social Care

      A one-day event with a group of children from care homes and their care-workers; to explore through drawing, painting and writing their perspectives and experiences were of being safe or not safe. Part of the BBC Children in Need 'Youth Insights' programme - it was a nurturing day for the children and young people, and a deeply moving and insightful experience for me.

      Partnerships with Schools & Children's Charities

      Researched numerous communities, neighbourhood areas and community organisations in the UK and Mumbai, India to identify potential partners for CSR and Leadership Development programmes with corporate organisations; Involved visits to children’s centres, schools, creative learning clubs and small charities providing for children and families.


      Co-designed and co-ordinated a series of 4 leadership events with schools in Berkshire and West London; involving a community fayre, inter-generational gatherings and exchanges and a show using drama, poetry and song to highlight the issues of sustainability and climate change.

      Conservation Conversations - Recyclecochic @ Country Show

      Design and co-ordinated a large 'tent' at the Havering Country Show; involving recycled materials and crafting for children and families, and conversations about recycling and being kind to our earth.


      The event was incredibly popular and had really good feedback from visitors and staff alike.

    • kind words

      Dawn Gosling - Director

      "Leela is like no-one else I've ever met; she's quite simply brilliant. She is a unique blend of creativity, intuition and smarts.


      Her crystal-clear process took me on an amazing colourful journey starting from a spark of an idea and ending for a fully formed concept and business plan. Like a spiral, Leela's questions led me deep into the core of the idea. One of the keys of the process is the visual map that Leela creates of each session. These maps helped me to link things together more differently, see new possibilities and ultimately come up with a better concept."

      Hege SaebØrnsen - UnLtd Engagement Manager

      "We co-created a participatory strategic process to help create a visual strategy map for our stakeholders and enable a cross-functional team to participate in directly developing our future work with young social entrepreneurs. Having a well-considered process and visual tools on the day, followed by the visual illustrations as outputs post-workshop was extremely effective.


      I highly recommend Leela, who is professional, responsive, creative and innovate - and whom I hope to work with in upcoming projects."

      Rachel Wheeler - Head of Family Engagement - RSPB

      "I'd like to thank everyone involved with this week's Just So Festival. There were so many happy faces and some absolutely brilliant family engagement ,great activities with great people leading them. Thankyou for being so kind and welcoming to our little Wildlife Explorers - they had an absolute ball!


      You all worked really well together and Leela was a splendid leader without whom this event wouldn't have happened."

      Jonathan Elliott - Founder of Talk Action & Havering Show Event Manager

      "A fantastic, interactive and educational workshop; Leela and her crew made for a great day where all of our participants walked away with their own creation and a smile on their face. A perfect addition to any green event or educational craft activity for schools and community centres. Thankyou Leela, sterling job!"

      Langley Academy - Acting Head

      "We are delighted with the Leadership Development Programme in partnership The Langley Academy to demonstrate the skills of leadership, team work, communication and problem solving with 20 sixth form students. Over a hectic and very busy 2 days, students were taken through a series of tasks designed to develop their leadership skills and capabilities. Along with their mentors they were tasked to produce a presentation to over 120 of their peers and an invited expert panel on the theme of sustainability. Presentations had to be concise, relevant, interesting and informative; that they were, was hugely impressive and testament to the hard work of both the mentors, their ability to teach management skills and the enthusiasm and willingness of the students.


      The value of such events is underlined by student comments. All felt their confidence boosted, their ability to deal with stressful situations whilst keeping a level head, the value of team work and the need to look at issues positively. One student commented that the experience had opened her eyes to all kinds of possibilities and that she realised she had the ability to achieve her ambitions."

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