• Portfolio

    A sample of work in support of the Arts Council Application for
    'A Stitch in Time' - November 2019

    Creative Engagement Practice - since 2006

    Charting the Seas of Change

    Stories for Change

    Designed, co-illustrated and co-produced a 63-strong global leadership team - this visual storytelling toolkit is now being developed for individual and community use; helping people talk about difficulties in change and transition using metaphor and story.


    Designed and facilitated the journey to harvest individual stories, share group stories and collectively build a new story for the next phase of change.

    Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens

    Round One of Heritage Lottery Funding Application

    Designed and hand-made a kit to support a group of stakeholders on the Vauxhall Heritage project; whom had very different ideas, opinions and visions about the future of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens; the creative process cut through the politics and resulted in a clearly articulated joint vision statement for the project - a real triumph!

    Propellernet - Visual Leadership

    Stories for Change

    Supported a Client Director with a hand-drawn visual storyboard kit to use in client presentations; working to her right-brain strengths and bringing imagination and fun into the process.

    A new School Community

    Creative Engagement & Visual Leadership

    One year journey supporting the Head of the new Shrewsbury School campus in Bangkok; researching and developing creative ideas and approaches to engage new children and families in the lead up to opening, building a new staff team and creating a resilient community.

    A Board meeting with a difference

    Social Strategy Storyboards

    Produced 2 Large Format hand-illustrated storyboards and accompanying 'Mr Men' style book for a Exec Board gathering to discuss how 'social strategy' could transform their business on the inside and out.


    Partnered with CEO to develop the content, story and the composition of each illustration.

    Propellernet Animation

    Stories for Change

    Developed the story and storyboard with the CEO; hand-illustrated in partnership with another illustrator and co-produced the animation; resulting in a 6-minute animation that clearly articulated Propellernet's work; something that they had struggled to do for a long time before.

    Improving Vauxhall

    With Vauxhall One Community Projects

    Supported Vauxhall One in developing an engagement strategy for local community groups and residents to understand community needs and identify key projects and activities that could be supported by Vauxhall One and local businesses.


    This is a workshop with local residents and stakeholders to discuss their proposals for improvements in the public realm.


    Workshop design and co-facilitation; world cafe tablecloths for harvesting group conversations

    Hoo Peninsula - Environmental Stakeholder Event

    The Art of Engagement

    Supported the lead facilitator with the event; with an illustrated gallery for a group exercise, hand-drawn signage and visual notes of the event.


    Visual Artefact for Internal & External Stakeholder Engagement

    A process of drawing out the story, key messages and language to clearly articulate Earthwatch's work and focus areas; harvesting, distillation and information architecture; co-designed with Graphic Designer

    How can we Save the Children?

    Fundraising Team Away Day

    Led 100 staff through a reflective process to connect with their deepest wishes for how they would help children in the coming year - facilitated a creative process resulting in a 15ft display of visual responses to the question; which was sunsequently installed at Head Office.

    Nature-Art Practice - since 2009

    Natural Beauty

    Everyday plants and flowers

    A photographic cataloging series at Windyridge Estate - and a process of presence to magnificence and beauty of common flowers and plants.

    Family Learning - RSPB

    Craft & Conservation in the Public Realm

    Ran a programme of family learning and engagement events in the Midlands for the RSPB; using craft to engage children and caregivers/families in conversations about conservation.

    The Wonderful Wild Meadows of Windyridge

    Community Engagement Event - Windyridge

    Ran a nature engagement session with Actor/Landowner Corin Stuart; bringing nature connection together with identification, storytelling, natural and local history.

    Collaborative Labyrinth Building & Geomancy

    With Richard Creightmore

    As part of my Geomancy training - we built a temporary labyrinth using sawdust; working with the labyrinth as a tool for transition and reflection and earth accupuncture for good placement.

    Nature Photography

    Capturing the wonder of the forest

    I do this less these days as it doesn't fit with Forest Bathing or Nature Immersions, or my intuitive mapping. However, from time to time - it has it's place.

    A Stitch in Time

    A selection of samples and experimental artworks that give a taste of early works

    that have led to and inspired the proposed project

    The Forest

    As guide, teacher and medicine

    A journey through the forest, the mind and through a transition in life..


    Story and prose with light experimental botanical illustration

    Winter Tonic

    The wonder of the elderberries

    An experimental paper piece using plant-dye, dried and pressed elderberry plant with a wax finish

    Picking berries

    The Season of Winter Tonic

    An experimental paper piece using plant-dye, dried and pressed elderberry plant with a wax finish

    Reflective Walks

    With Women in the Ashdown Forest

    Walks in the Ashdown Forest have been a feature of living here since my arrival in early 2014; the walks inform visual arts practice and prose - and I am also curious to explore social sculpture through these walks.

    Intuitive Mapping

    Exploring Inner & Outer Landscapes

    Hand-drawn maps of reflective walks - highlighting specific areas of interest and experience; collecting found objects, noting insights and guidance, notable places and natural elements. Working with the symbolism of the 'four directions' and mapping connections with other places of importance.


    A profound experience - and incredibly valuable process and tool for exploring place, habitat and the relationship to our inner world.


    This map uses Paper, simple mapping, watercolour and stitch.

    Streams of Consciousness

    A sample of a recording of a 30-minute daily reflective walk in nature; streams of consciousness in response to the landscape and natural elements; collecting plant materials for pressing and dying.

    Kundalini Rising

    The serpent emerges from the depths

    An experimental textile piece using rust printing.

    Tree of Fertility

    The beloved Olive Tree

    Experimental piece with rust printing, plant-dye and botanical print.

    Fertile Land

    Honouring the Olive Trees; Calling in Guidance

    The tree of fertility sits within circles and spirals of dropped leaves - creative life force visibly present; experimental piece with paper, raw earth, stitch, writing with walnut ink, and botanical printing

    Kundalini Energy

    An explosion of life and energy

    An experimental textile piece with dying with plant materials from the surrounding landscape.

    A Journey through Time and Place

    A week in Puglia

    A series of 5 x A4 maps of daily walks during a textile retreat in Puglia; formed into a hand-made book; easily dismantled to enable pieces to be pulled out and viewed in detail.


    Experimental paper piece with rust and plant dye, rust print, botanical print, found objects, prose, prayer, streams of consciousness and cataloguing of natural elements.

    A walk in the herb garden

    Tactile Journal

    An experimental cloth-journal with stitch, plant-dye and botanical print.

    Walls on Walks


    Experimental sample of paper with rust printing with found objects and plant dye - collected from the rustic stone walls along the roadside

    A long walk

    A meander through time

    An experimental paper book sample with rust and botanical print, walnut ink, stitch and streams of consciousness.

    Consciously Arriving

    The Crossroad, the Gate and the Portal

    Experimental textile piece with plant-dye, walking-stitch and acrylic paint.



    Experimental paper piece with layers of rust and plant dye

    Mother Bear - Winter

    Native American Mother Bear Symbol

    First textile dye and paint piece on linen; plan to experiment with colours, explore stitch prose and different fabrics for wall hangings


    A symbol I have been working with since 2014 with my shadow-work, motherhood and fertility journeys.

    Mother Bear - Earth

    Native American Mother Bear Symbol

    The earthy clay cave surrounds the Bear - plan for experimentation with raw earth materials