• about me

      I provide advisory, mentoring and shadow leadership support in my major expertise areas; plus occasional commissions and creative commissioning and project management on larger projects.


      I support Leaders mostly from behind the scenes; remotely or off-site. Visits to offices are primarily to observe and harvest insight or to connect with a specific small group of stakeholders.


      My professional practice is based on ten years supporting Directors and Senior Leadership Team members as Change Manager in corporate organisations; a further ten years as an independent consultant and coach working with leaders corporate, charity, education and enterprise sectors in UK, Europe, Asia and US - and four years with a spin-off graphic recording and visual facilitation business.


      I experience organisations as living systems; I see the big picture, small details and connections between all things; I have a high sensitivity to physical environments, to language and communication both explicit and unseen, yet felt. I have a strong intuition and sixth sense; inspiration flows easily when I am working in partnership with people with shared values and good intentions, who are open, curious and who truly value a different way - this is where the magic of our work really comes to life.


      My experience of depression, burnout to breakdown and break-through is proving to be really helpful for many Leaders in exploring themes including resilience, diversity, wellbeing, strengths-based working, sensitivity and quiet leadership. 


      My path has also put me in a good position to support you in your transition into conscious and servant leadership; your process of recovering creativity and building competency in visual leadership; and in your restructure and reinvention of your professional career.


      You'll often find me in nature; forest bathing, walking, making, writing; somewhere in the wild landscapes of Sussex and Scotland; where most of my insights, ideas, connections and wisdom come into being.


      I'm working on several creative projects that catalyse transformation and transition; which I'm developing and piloting from November 2019 - I look forward to inviting you to join me on one or more of these journeys.