• leela gracE

      We all know that we are each being called to make more conscious choices and decisions, consider consequences and impact in both the short and long term, to cultivate our consciousness and contribute to the new systems that we need to live, work and learn in.


      We all know that doing things differently brings different results.


      Feedback is consistent over time; working with Leela is a very different experience.


      Leela Grace carries on the age-old, ancestral tradition for Leaders of tribes, clans and kingdoms to have by their side the artists, scribes, sensitives, seers and storytellers; who complement them in their duties of leadership, custodianship and care of their land and peoples.


      Working with CEO's, Directors and at Board members since 1998; Leela has been bringing her artistry, intuition, empathy, vision and intelligent scribing skills to assist leaders in fulfilling their role in the most conscious, creative way that brings far greater reward for all stakeholders


      With a conscious decision to limit of 3 active Leadership clients at any one time; Leela operates with careful discernment when engaging in working partnerships; tending to the qualities of the alchemy as a priority and assuring a water-tight container through the strictest of confidentiality and privacy; opening the way for more exclusive, focussed and fruitful relationships with clients over a longer arc of time.


      Your leadership results are ultimately up to you.


      Leela's role is to accompany you, by your side as your aide - albeit most often behind the scenes.


      Most often, my contribution are in the realms of 'people'; you and your leadership, your customers, stakeholders, employees and communities that you serve through your leadership, business and organisational activities.

      The experience is unique for each individual; tools and processes used only when relevant and timely.


      All areas of your business and organisation are included; whatever stage you are at or season you are in; and whatever business priority you are currently working with; be it business change, transformation, merger, integration, consolidation and closure or sale.


      Results may be visible in customer, employee or financial metrics; some may be less tangible yet equally valuable and critical, some results you will see immediately, others will build over time. Some - as Leela has experienced before - will be high visibility and award-winning, others very discreet; some affect a few, others many.


      As a first step, please be welcome to email leela@leelagrace.co.uk to arrange an introductory call.