• leela grace

      Leadership Advisory

      Over the course of twenty-one years working with leaders in organisations and across industries, Leela has developed a professional practice that is multi-disciplinary, innovative and progressive; delivering meaningful changes to the workplaces, customers, stakeholders and communities served by her clients.


      Areas of particular interest to Leela include conscious business, pioneering education, rural and coastal enterprise and economy, conscious construction, business and community partnerships and sensitive, thoughtful approaches to people engagement and change.

      Professional Scribe

      Leela Grace carries on the age-old, ancestral tradition that enables Leaders of tribes, clans and kingdoms to have by their side the artists, scribes and storytellers; who complement them in their duties of leadership, custodianship and care of their land and peoples.


      CEO's, Directors and Leaders of Change and Transformation initiatives in national, international and local organisations have been employing Leela's visual facilitation, design-thinking, scribing, mapping and doodling since 1997.

      Visual Tools for Change

      Leela's work using visual tools for change is now hosted at www.visualtoolsforchange.com

      Our Work Together

      Leela works best with leaders who are progressive, open-minded and passionate about making a difference.


      Results may be visible in customer, employee or financial metrics; some may be less tangible yet equally valuable and critical, some results you will see immediately, others will build over time. Some - as Leela has experienced before - will be high visibility and award-winning, others very discreet; some affect a few, others many.


      Leela consciously keeps her leadership counsel to a restricted number of clients at any one time, enable depth of understanding and focus.


      As a first step, please be welcome to email leela@leelagrace.co.uk to arrange an introductory call.