• Leela Grace

      Muse | Scribe | Sanctuary | Inquiry & Action Learning

      Increasingly, Leaders like yourself are being invited to work in a more conscious and creative way and value a secure, supportive space to thoughtfully explore your leadership challenges.


      In our work together, you will have an opportunity to go to new spaces to enrich your leadership approach and performance.

      I work with CEO's, Directors and Leaders in two ways.


      The Art of Leadership - guiding, catalysing and mentoring Leaders to be more creative, intuitive and inventive


      Resilient Women - facilitating the development of resilience of women in leadership in business and community

      Based in rural East Sussex, I work with people from across the World via Zoom and travel occasionally for UK and overseas engagements.

      Welcoming you to connect

      If my approach resonates with you, do feel welcome to be in contact via email to arrange an initial call.

      Whilst I develop ideas for the book I am working on, I have consciously chosen to not be active on LinkedIn or Social Media platforms .


      • Kind words

        I work with Leaders in a highly confidential way, thus rarely share details of the journeys we go on.

        Here is a handful of kind words that people have been happy for me to share - albeit without disclosing their identities

        'I came to Leela after my organisation saw a series of unexpected changes in resources, size, and leadership; as a constant in the changing organisation, I felt overburdened with responsibility and workload and worried about the outlook of my organisation and my own wellbeing.


        Over 6 sessions Leela has helped me strengthen my own resilience and that of my team. Through talking to Leela I have learnt to reflect on, and have been empowered to address, challenges at work related to people, place and policies.


        My awareness and application of my own strengths has increased substantially; 6 months on and I have now instigated a team resilience programme, tackled performance-related issues across my team, supported others struggling with change management, and most importantly have a confidence in myself to continue navigating us through the growth of my organisation.


        Leela provided me with the tools and the space to become a resilient leader and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to strengthen their people management and adaptive capacities, or simply wanting to think through everyday challenges such as work-life balance.'

        Lucy - Leadership Team of Global Charity

        ' We greatly enjoyed working with Leela to create a visual representation of what we do; the process really helped us think carefully about the how we wanted to share the artefact and who it was for – and this ensured the end result is great and represents us very well.'

        Steve Gray - CEO Earthwatch

        'Leela is like no one else I’ve ever met, she’s quite simply brilliant. She is a unique blend of creativity, intuition and smarts. Her crystal clear ideas process took me on an amazing colourful journey starting from a spark of an idea and ending with a fully formed concept and business plan. Like a spiral, Leela’s questions led me deep into the core of the idea.


        One of the keys of the process is the visual map, of the conversation, that Leela creates during the session. This map helped me link things together differently, see new possibilities and ultimately come up with a better concept"

        Dawn - Leadership Team of Global Charity

        'Leela is utterly unique.. I know no-one else quite like her; each time we meet or work together, the experience leaves me inspired.She is so giving of her knowledge, her energy and the unparalleled authenticity that I find myself - as a storyteller - short for words.


        Wise enough to know her limitations.. Leela is a firebrand, a soul-counsellor and superlatives aside, a great person to work with.'

        Martin Deakin - Communications & Storytelling for Leaders

        ‘Your coaching has the style that suits me: suggestive, experimental, visual and compact.


        Thank you for your listening, creativity and knowledge all in a realm of authenticity and potency.


        What I got out of our sessions was the opportunity to create new out of chaos. To create future out of things that were ending. To give a new meaning to ambition.'


        'I would love to thank you cordially for your wonderful support that you offer in our sessions. You offer a space of total allowance which gives my hidden and deeply emotional parts the opportunity to show up and are seen. That is such a blessing and gift for me as I hardly touch these parts in my day to day life. I feel so deeply seen in these sessions with you and much more complete as I learn to sense and acknowledge all parts of me through our work together.'


        'With Leela's coaching, I was able to transform my attitude..... I was also hoping that I could just focus on work and avoid dealing with the challenges in my personal life, but actually, I've come to realise that it's unavoidable.'


        Louise - Leadership in Public Sector

        Her approach is creative, leftfield, technically excellent all wrapped up in great stakeholder management. She is a refreshing change from the 'formula' approach in her field.”

        Bill - Leader in OD

        Leela helped us to understand the full range of possibilities, looking not only at health and wellbeing of each of us, but our energy and engagement in the business too. We are now well into the recommended program and are seeing fantastic results, including increased productivity and awards for Healthiest Workplace and Best Employer...Karen helps us to maintain a strong edge over our competitors’

        Jack - CEO