• The Art of leadership

    I work with Leaders like you who think and do things differently.


    Working with me is different, unconventional and unusual. That's why people hire me.


    It will feel like a risk; and require courage, conviction and commitment - and investment. We won't know outcomes and be able to tick boxes off from the beginning.


    I offer support and development in these areas:

    • Creative and visual leadership; visual sound boarding, ideation, story-crafting, the art of engagement, design thinking, problem solving, visioning, project, programme and strategic planning, creative recovery and development 
    • Creative Engagement and Learning -  inspiring, innovative and imaginative approaches to engagement and learning 
    • Journey, experience, workspace and event design for creativity, wellbeing, resilience and innovation
    • Sensitive stakeholder engagement - navigate delicate stakeholder environments with thoughtful attention to detail 
    • Inclusion - become more aware and accommodating of diversity beyond the visible and the obvious 
    • Resilience and wellbeing; tactical or strategic support for yourself or for your team and/or organisation 
    • Intra-personal and existential inquiry and development - supporting you in exploring deeper questions, patterns and callings; cultivating awareness, connection and creativity through tending your inner life
    • Conscious and servant leadership; exploring your development and practice to continue up-levelling 
    We can work together in the following ways:
    • Shadow Leadership - supporting your leadership approach from behind the scenes  
    • Advisory & Mentoring - thinking differently about leadership. change, organisations and communities 
    • Insight & Research - harvesting essential feedback and insight into change, design and service
    • Inquiry & Action Learning - to develop yourself as a more creative leader
    • Support with Creative Projects; commissioning, creative direction, curation and project management 
    • Commissioning and curation of interventions that support resilience, wellbeing and creativity

    We all know that doing things differently brings different results.

    It's up to you to decide if this is right for you - at this time. If you really do want or need to truly do things differently.

  • The art of leadership in action

    It's helpful to share visual samples that bring my work to life; bear in mind that a lot of my work is highly confidential and takes place behind closed doors with vault-like NDA's in place :

    Shadow Leadership, Advisory and Mentoring

    A vault-level confidential space for you to sound-board, dig deeper and explore perspectives and possibilities for your leadership approach and development

    Visual Leadership; Creative Facilitation and Commission

    Designed a hand-made a kit to support a group of stakeholders on the Vauxhall Heritage project; whom had very different ideas, opinions and visions about the future of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens; the creative process cut through the politics and resulted in a clearly articulated joint vision statement for the project - a real triumph!

    Visual Leadership; Strategic Planning

    A two-day off-site for the resource mobilisation team working in service of sexual and reproductive healthcare services and sexual rights around the world; designed and facilitated a participatory-planning process with a team of 18, incorporating team building and Prince2 project management introductory training; the 2-days bore results that were unprecedented within the department.

    Shadow Leadership, Leadership Advisory & Commissions

    A courageous CEO chose to try out something different in 2009 when the 'crash' took it's toll on many businesses and when this type of initiative was high risk given the lack of proven business case statistics upfront. A risk that massively paid off, short medium and long term.


    A process of conscious experimentation with wellbeing, engagement, environment and visual leadership tools and practices - leading to astounding results with performance, engagement, retention, recruitment and satisfaction of customers and employees; and lots of external awards!

    Leadership Retreat; Visual Planning & Strategy & Wellbeing

    A personalised retreat for two business partners from London; actively engaged in catalysing change in the creative industries. Friday to Sunday immersed in the Ashdown Forest, with organic, local, vegetarian home-cooked food, juices, naps and quiet time, interspersed with forest walks and visual sessions to take stock and plan the next phase of work.

    Research & Insight

    Sounboarding and research in support of a workspace re-design project that sought to increase innovation and creativity; create quiet working space and bring the values to life through workspace design.


    Co-designed an insight survey and visualised the results of employee feedback; ensuring the 50-strong team had their say in what they needed and providing essential input to the design process.

    Shadow Leadership; Visual Soundboarding & Commission

    A series of visual sound-boarding sessions to develop the thinking, ideas and narrative for a Board-level engagement session that would see 'social' transform a FTSE plc; resulting in a stand-up Board Meeting around two wall-mounted hand-drawn storyboards; a unconventional approach to this group of stakeholders, that certainly got their attention!

    Shadow Leadership, Creative Engagement & Resilience

    Almost two years working with the Principal of a highly-reputed new International School Campus in Asia with Creative and Resilient Leadership; building a new school community, weaving resilience and creativity into the culture of the school and staff team from Day 0.

    Leadership Development - in the Community

    Researched numerous communities, neighbourhood areas and community organisations in the UK and Mumbai, India to identify potential partners for CSR and Leadership Development programmes with corporate organisations; Involved visits to children’s centres, schools, creative learning clubs and small charities providing for children and families.


    Co-designed and co-ordinated a series of 4 leadership events with schools in Berkshire and West London; involving a community fayre, inter-generational gatherings and exchanges and a show using drama, poetry and song to highlight the issues of sustainability and climate change.

    Leadership Development - in partnership with Nature

    A series of 4 mini-workshops in early 2018 to explore alternative, more natural, creative and feminine ways of approaching leadership and enterprise; with a group of 5 forward-thinking women owners of enterprises in East Sussex; including visual planning, working to nature's rhythms, moon-cycle planning, feng shui and nature connection.

    Leadership Development, Group Meditation & Commission

    A 100-strong fundraising department at a leading international children's charity; an invitation to pause, regroup and reflect after astounding results that year - and a gentle, fun and creative exercise to reconnect with passion & purpose.


    The process received excellent, moving feedback - and the 30ft collage of A4 drawings installed in the London Head Office!

  • kind words

    Bill Dudman - Forward-thinking OD Consultancy

    "I would recommend Leela to any business or organisation.. her approach is creative, left-field and technically excellent; all wrapped up in great stakeholder management. She is a refreshing change from the 'formula' approach in her field."

    Dawn Gosling - Director - Global Charity

    "Leela is like no-one else I've ever met; she's quite simply brilliant. She is a unique blend of creativity, intuition and smarts.


    Her crystal-clear process took me on an amazing colourful journey starting from a spark of an idea and ending for a fully formed concept and business plan. Like a spiral, Leela's questions led me deep into the core of the idea. One of the keys of the process is the visual map that Leela creates of each session. These maps helped me to link things together more differently, see new possibilities and ultimately come up with a better concept."

    Martin Deakin - Corporate Storyteller & Advisor to Leadership & Board Teams

    "Leela is utterly unique; I know no-one else quite like her. Each time we meet or work together, the experience leaves me inspired. She is so giving of her knowledge, her energy and unparalleled authenticity that I find myself, as a storyteller - short for words. Leela is a firebrand, a soul-counsellor and superlatives aside, a great person to work with."

    Aly King-Smith - Leadership Development & Consultancy

    "How to describe working with Leela Grace; Imagine the most creative, boundary-less brain, inside a whole-hearted human with a deep curiosity and care; add a large dose of systemic and organisational nouse and relaxed confidence with senior leaders.. Leela is brave in saying that she sees the world differently, and what an incredible perspective you will gain if you listen up."

    Jack Hubbard - CEO Propellernet

    “..When Leela was recommended we jumped right into her “wellbeing workshop” where she helped us to understand the full range of possibilities, looking not only at health and wellbeing of each of us, but our energy and engagement in the business too. We are now well into the recommended programme and are seeing fantastic results, including increased productivity and national and local awards for Healthiest Workplace and Best Employer…”

    Lucy - Global Programme Manager

    "I came to Leela after my organisation saw a series of unexpected changes in resources, size and leadership. As a constant in the changing organisation, I felt overburdened with responsibility and workload and worries about the outlook of my organisation and my own wellbeing.


    Over six sessions, Leela has helped me to strengthen my own resilience and that of my team. Through talking to Leela I have to reflect on, and been empowered to address the challenges at work in relation to people, place and policies.


    Leela provided me with the tools and the space to become a resilient leader and I would recommend anyone wanting to strengthen their people management and adaptive capacities, or simply wanting to thinking through everyday challenge such as work-life balance."