• Leela Grace

    Creating a more beautiful world - in service of love and truth

    Hello and welcome to my website. As you can see it's a holding page for now - there's work happening behind the scenes to bring a new site into being and it will be ready by September 2018.


    I work with Leaders, Women & people identifying as Neurodiverse - across 4 main themes, that tend to be overlapping:


    * Resilience & Wellbeing - for individuals, teams and groups


    * Creativity & Design for Change - engage me in bringing creativity and design thinking to problems, ideas, visions, goals, plans, spaces and places and your engagement campaigns


    * Beautiful Business - business in a beautiful way; we can be successful whilst also being creative, caring, imaginative and human


    * Diversity - celebrating and navigating difference, working to strengths and co-creating more inclusive ways of living, working and learning


    If you are curious to find out more, please do be in touch - leela@leelagrace.co.uk


  • I came to Leela after my organisation saw a series of unexpected changes in resources, size, and leadership. As a constant in the changing organisation, I felt overburdened with responsibility and workload and worried about the outlook of my organisation and my own wellbeing.


    Over 6 sessions Leela has helped me strengthen my own resilience and that of my team. Through talking to Leela I have learnt to reflect on, and have been empowered to address, challenges at work related to people, place and policies.


    My awareness and application of my own strengths has increased substantially. 6 months on and I have now instigated a team resilience programme, tackled performance-related issues across my team, supported others struggling with change management, and most importantly have a confidence in myself to continue navigating us through the growth of my organisation.


    Leela provided me with the tools and the space to become a resilient leader and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to strengthen their people management and adaptive capacities, or simply wanting to think through everyday challenges such as work-life balance.

    Heard of Programmes - Global Charity (Anon)

    Leela is like no one else I’ve ever met, she’s quite simply brilliant. She is a unique blend of creativity, intuition and smarts. Her crystal clear ideas process took me on an amazing colourful journey starting from a spark of an idea and ending with a fully formed concept and business plan. Like a spiral, Leela’s questions led me deep into the core of the idea. One of the keys of the process is the visual map, of the conversation, that Leela creates during the session. This map helped me link things together differently, see new possibilities and ultimately come up with a better concept. Working with Leela is a dream and I’m very grateful she’s part of my go-to gang for inspiration.​

    Dawn Gosling - Head of Fundraising

    '...I was able to transform my attitude and therefore my ability to deal with a highly stressful situation.... I was also hoping that I could just focus on work and avoid dealing with the challenges in my personal life, but actually, I've come to realise that it's unavoidable.

    Louise (Anon) - Professional Diver & Comms Mgr​

    "I find these coaching sessions so constructive and through each one I get stronger and clearer about issues that have been worrying and stopping me”.

    Bella Barr - TV Production Manager & Equine Assisted Therapist ​

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